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kenyukan karate school
kenyukan karate school

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Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate School

Okinawa Kobudo Self Defence Fitness classes

A de Araya Sensei 8th Dan Karate-do


We teach traditional Okinawa Karate and self defence, as taught by the Masters of the arts!

Our karate school emphasise strong, realistic scenarios, practical self protection skills. For fitness, self protection for you and family, nothing beat karate training! Karate for kids, women's karate, girls karate , we teach them all!

Our karate classes, could be a sport for the whole family to enjoy, and we welcome you to come in and try a few lessons for nothing! Too good to let go, too good to miss! Our Dojo has it all!


In Kobudo classes, (part of our system) we practice the use of traditional weapons of self-defence. From a simple stick, to a formidable weapon of self defence. Try the many tools available under our expert guidance, and become a well rounded individual.

For hundreds of years, these weapons have served one purpose...to preserve ancient skills, and make you a better Martial artist. Bo, Sai, Kama, Tonfa, Ekudi, we teach all of your favorite Okinawa weapons, and more!


The Art of release and lock manipulation. Of particular importance, is the timing of a defensive technique either to blend or to neutralize an attack's effectiveness, and to use the force of the attacker's movement against an aggressor/s.

A most effective weapon of self defence when in close contact and in a serious situation, Aikijutsu will prepare you to resolve the problem with subtle techniques and a swift response!


Self defence lessons for kids, women and men, in fact, for  the whole family. Whether for fitness, or just to learn to protect yourself, our methods are realistic and proven under pressure. When in trouble, kick and scream! When in real trouble, you need us to show you the most potential, and well proven tools to come up a winner!

In the Kenyukan Karate Kobudo we specialise in women and kids self defence skills. We all have the right to defend ourselves!

Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate
Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate
Kenyukan Kobudo weappons
Kenyukan Kobudo weappons
Kenyukan Aikijutsu
Kenyukan Aikijutsu
Self-defence for women
Self-defence for women
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