The Kenyukan Goju Ryu Karate School was established in Sydney, Australia in 1973, under the direction of Sensei Alexander de Araya, Hanshi 9th Dan Goju Ryu karate, 6th Dan Kobudo, 3rd Dan Aikijutsu. Sensei started his Martial arts studies in 1964 in Goju Kai Karate Do, IOGKF for a number of years and in the year 2000 while staying in China, he also studied Tig-wa (oldest form of Goju Ryu) under Shifu Ming Kau Lai. During the course of 56 years, Sensei has had the pleasure and the humility to train under many of the most senior Sensei in the Goju Ryu world, including M. Higaona, G Yamaguchi, M Nakayima, K Kuniyuki, K Tomoe, H Kawakami his friend and mentor Hanshi K Nakahoto 10th dan, and several of Shimpo Matayoshi's top students in Okinawa Kobudo, and has given credit to all those who helped him achieve the position he holds today.

The Kenyukan karate system combines the best aspects of Japanese and Okinawa Goju Ryu, Okinawa Kobudo and Aikijutsu and thanks to Sensei's research and expertise, we are now able to merge these systems into one formidable weapon. Sensei believes the Art of Karate-do alone is not enough to develop good all-around combat skills, that's why our system also incorporates the study of Okinawa weapons of self defence (Kobudo) and close combat techniques at short range (Aiki-jutsu), armed and unarmed. Because White Crane Gong Fu and Goju Ryu Karate techniques were especially designed for close combat, we can easily apply them in real combat situations. Our fitness section of training involves among other things, many of the latest strengthening core exercises and techniques, making our style not only a truly defensive concept, but also a provider of strong and dynamic results.

One way of finding out how everything works, come and join us one day for a FREE introduction to Traditional Okinawa Martial have nothing to lose Sensei has been deeply involved in the development of our karate system, and this has taken him to many places and has trained with many people, especially in Japan and Okinawa. The proof of our success is plain to see...we have produced many champions, National and International. Our people believe in high standards, and many overseas affiliated Sensei have chosen him as their tutor and guide. We have many students and truly magnificent people that after more than 50 years, still call him Sensei. In 2009 Sensei de Araya was honoured with admission to the Dai Nippon Butokukai, an elite Organisation of Japanese Martial Arts created in Kyoto in 1895. In the year 2010, he was also awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, by the Australasian Hall of Fame.

The Kenyukan Karate Dojo