Kobujutsu, the Art of ancient Okinawan weapons was passed on from father to son and from generation to generation. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Masters to put things in writing, and nowadays there are major problems trying to obtain any documents, relating to the development of this ancient Martial Art. The description and understanding of these weapons, has been the source of much research by various martial artists, including Sensei de Araya, who have not ceased in his endeavours for a greater expansion and exposure of these beautiful weapons of self defence. After several stints in Japan and Okinawa, he has been privileged in following the steps of Matayoshi and Iha Sensei's, and now practices Okinawa Kobudo as taught by these two masters. After 40 years of Kobudo training, Sensei hold the rank of Rokudan. ​

"After being deprived of the right to bear arms, the Okinawan people designed very distinctive self-defence weapons from the tools of every day life. They suited their weapons to their social and physical environment, and again using what it seems most appropriate at the time. Farming tools were especially modified, and other simple things like staffs, oars and chains were also brought into consideration. All of these utensils were developed into weapons of great sophistication and effectiveness. Okinawa has been for centuries, a centre of cultural, artistic and Martial Arts focus".

The practice of Okinawa weapons of self defence, has been a great addition to the overall study of the Martial arts in our Dojo, adding a degree of safety to the style, by helping all students to protect themselves with whatever artifacts are available during a serious confrontation. We may be able to defend strongly in hand to hand combat, but not against individuals armed with knives and sticks.

To be able to counter with a piece of wood, a farming tool or whatever else you can put your hands on, will give anyone with some Kobudo knowledge a better fighting chance!!

The study of Okinawa weapons of self defence comes at no cost to our students, and all Green belts and above, will receive this free instruction on the way to a higher grade.

Okinawa Kobudo